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    Mixing style with versatility

    Combining the styles of a lean-to and Victorian/Edwardian conservatories, a P-shaped conservatory takes the shape of a P when viewed from above - hence the name.


    Ideal for all styles of houses and bungalows

    The attraction of a P-shaped conservatory is that it brings the feel of adding almost two more rooms to your home. This is because one area can be used for dining in, while the other section can be enjoyed as an area of relaxation.

    One of the great things about P-shaped conservatories is that they can be adapted to suit all styles of houses and bungalows. When it comes to adapting the conservatory to bungalows - or in any circumstances where there are height restrictions in place - a hipped-back roof with box gutter is often supplied.

    And if you prefer the look of real wood, 'Choices' can cater for that too, foil options include White Ash, Cream, Rosewood and Golden Oak foils amongst others.

    Colour Options

    Smooth White
    smooth white windows and doors COUNTY
    White Ash
    white ash windows and doors COUNTY
    cream windows and doors COUNTY
    black windows and doors COUNTY
    Irish Oak
    irish oak windows and doors COUNTY
    Golden Oak
    golden oak windows and doors COUNTY
    Chartwell Green
    chartwell green windows and doors COUNTY
    Dark Green
    dark green windows and doors
    rosewood windows and doors COUNTY
    mahogany windows and doors COUNTY
    Anthracite Grey
    grey windows and doors COUNTY
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    Optional Upgrades

    Window Hardware

    window handles from COMPANYNAME

    Door Hardware

    door handles from COMPANYNAME

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